mercredi 4 octobre 2023

"La vraie vie d'un magicien" par Adrien Wild, meilleur spectacle de magie et de mentalisme de l'année 2023.


Il  est beau, il est dynamique, il est sympathique. Qui plus est, il est un excellent  technicien et praticien de la magie. Que peut-on dire de plus ? Ah si, à son spectacle, ce lundi 2 octobre  2023,il y avait tout le gratin de la prestidigitation et du show-biz, qui a admiré sa superbe performance, comme Claude Gilson de l'Ordre Européen des Mentalistes , Max du magasin de magie Magic Dream, Sophie Darel, etc., etc., etc.   

Adrien Wild sait tout effectuer en magie, de grandes illusions comme la lévitation, du mentalisme, en prédisant les pensées des spectateurs, des tours de cordes, d'anneaux (et j'en oublie).

Mon plaisir a été très intense car il m'a semblé, par moment, voir ressuscités les spectacles du grand John Nevil Maskelyne  et de l'Egyptian Hall .

Alors, comme l'écrivait Victor Hugo,

"Demain, dès l'aube, à l'heure où blanchit la campagne,

Je partirai "

pour voir la prochaine représentation de "La vraie vie d'un magicien" d'Adrien Wild.   


lundi 2 octobre 2023

Extracts of my book and my blog about mentalism, hypnosis and mnemonics.


Moi en photo avec le grand magicien Gérard Majax.

I will give you extracts from my book Initiation au mentalisme, à l'hypnose et à la mnémotechnie but you can also go to my very comprehensive blog on mentalism where everything is automatically translated into English.

Preface (to be read absolutely!)
Why a new book on mentalism? It seems a lot in France currently and the amateur or the professional no longer need to go to the sources of English.

It seems a lot and, paradoxically, maybe too! I revisit my journey from the moment I discovered for the first time a great book of mentalism: it was Mind, Myth and Magic by T.A. Waters. What mistakes are made in my quest for effective works that would enable me to truly execute mental tricks! I would like to spare the reader of this study all this research, all these disappointments, all these expectations.

That is why my book is deliberately built to be a path whose ramifications I will give you. The ultimate goal is of course to make a show (see examples of shows by great French mentalists, No. 26 of the table of contents). In the first place, you will have to find good books that offer serious and well-explained tours (cf. the three bibliographies, n ° 5, 6, and 7, the article on Vincent Hedan n ° 16, on Max Maven n ° 21, on Douceurs mentales and S & D, simple and direct mentalism n ° 15). You will have to study the great principles of mentalism (like cold reading   11 and 12, double reality   14, folding Acidus Novus   2, etc.).

I advise you to start with the classics of mentalism, the chair tests n ° 10, the Bank Nights n ° 4, the game Al Koran n ° 3, the book tests n ° 8, the newspaper tests n ° 25. I give you all the bibliographic tracks to choose the version of the tour that will suit you best but I do not give you the explanation of the tours that you will be able to know by buying the books that you desire of the authors quoted. Afterwards, it will be up to you to create and innovate when you feel sure of you.
Perhaps some lists will surprise you like that of the French-speaking mentalists n ° 21 but it may be profitable to know the names of the actors when watching a movie! Moreover, for me, it is interesting to see statistically the richness of mentalism in France.

Note also that there are two extras in this book, two parallel domains described in detail, which are very important in mentalism: 3 chapters on hypnosis   17, 18 and 19, which is a formidable weapon and quite Simple to learn and a chapter on mnemonics n ° 24 which will allow you to perform surprising tricks but also to have a better memory on a daily basis.

Good courage, good work and welcome to the wonderful world of mentalism.

I continue my series on electronics in mentalism ! (part 3)

 There are many ways to achieve the tour "In Which H and" to  know how your hand witness hid a small object. Today, I propose that electronic versions, often more expensive but more reliable.

1) Sixth Sense v.2,5 (Hugo Shelley) (320 euros)
Sixth Sense helps you through an electronic sensor to locate a piece (magnetic) located in the closed hand of the viewer. You can even know whether the battery side or the part face side is facing up according to the pulsations of the detector.

2) UFO 4 (Labco Magic) (700 euros)
For me, a more efficient and more reliable electronic sensors objects. It benefits from RFID technology. It will detect many objects, a tea bag among others, an ESP symbol chosen by a spectator, a play, a ball, etc.

3) Probe Rhinesense mk 4 ,  ($ 500) (for the moment, the object is no longer in stock)
It gives a viewer an ESP deck of cards. The mentalist's back is turned while the viewer puts the cards in his pocket. The mentalist turns and  guesses right away  that he has chosen. A tour created by Dave Everett and Sean Taylor.

4) Finders Keypers (ProMystic) ($ 399)
The mentalist guess how closed hand is a key.

5) I-Know (Magic Wagon) (420 euros)  
A great tower that has many possibilities. The feature of this product is that you can now achieve this effect to the other end of the room and with borrowed objects.
I-Know is an electronic device that does all the work for you, in fair conditions:
 - You allows the use of ordinary objects that can be borrowed from the spectators (coins, rings, keys, etc.).
 - You're absolutely never next to the spectator during the performance.
 - the effect can be repeated immediately to other borrowed objects.
 - with the vibrating housing, you may actually turn with blindfolded.
It allows an incredible effect  of "In qui hand"  :  while the magician's back is turned, a spectator is invited to conceal a folded note in one hand and a ring in the other. Without looking back, the magician is able to reveal in whose hand is the ticket and where is the ring!

dimanche 1 octobre 2023

Electronics and mentalism (part 2).


Following my previous items on electronics and mentalism, magicians friends gave me the "tips" on good quality suppliers in this area.

1) Taylor Imagineering : the site of one of the genius of mentalism, Christopher Taylor.

2) Warehouse a site with a huge selection of articles mentalism, not only in electronic elsewhere, including for example the famous Sixth Sense Hugo Shelley or Insight with Phoenix game, etc.

3) Cobra Magic : an Israeli site entirely on electronics in mentalism with such a beautiful effect whiteboard (and many explanatory videos).

4) The shop of the illusion : an online magic store, where you can find for example in DVD the first InvisibTouch , that of Lior Manor . 
It also sells Real Ghost 2 of Christopher Taylor and many other electronic tricks.

5) Magic Dream Magic Dream, the largest store conjuring France, sells more electronic equipment like Color Pen Prediction 2 , mental Cube, and of course Sixth Sense, etc.

  That's all for today.

Electronics and mentalism (part 1)


Fabrice Delauré.


A friend mentalist said me he did not know what to buy electronic equipment and at what manufacturers. I propose in this article addresses four that I know to be reliable and provide high quality items.

1) There is an excellent French manufacturer, Fabrice Delauré.
He recently created the Micro-reader for Android 2, an accessory that allows you to do incredible feats of telepathy but also markets for many years of psychic clipboards, notepads of psychic, etc. Among its loyal customers, we can still find some relatively famous names: Derren Brown, Banachek, Gerry McCambridge, Gary Kurtz, Colin McLeod, Luke Jermay, etc.

2) The supplier best known for many mentalists Labco is Magic : He particularly markets the UFO4 (the latest version of an old range) and Mindbuster (which allows duplication of drawings).

3) Promystic.We find among them for example the famous tower Color Match.

4) Magic Cesaral. An old site with a catalog supplied: light bulbs, pens, calculators, etc.

Good day.